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Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology

Board of Examiners of Psychology
Disciplinary Actions

The following is a summary of disciplinary actions taken against individuals by the board during board meetings. This summary is intended for informational purposes only. The complete terms of each disciplinary action are contained in the board's written records.

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 Action Library

Kathleen Kirby.pdf
Final Order3/20/20191744 KB
Andrea Evans.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement1/18/2019245 KB
Tiffany Diehl.pdf
Administrative Reprimand9/18/201781 KB
Todd Van Denburg.pdf
Settlement Agreement and Final Order7/24/2017261 KB
Michael H. Cecil.pdf
Administrative Reprimand5/2/201745 KB
Michael Cecil.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement4/20/2017253 KB
C.  Christopher Allen.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement2/1/2017291 KB
Hubert Pollett.pdf
Settlement Agreement and Final Order12/1/2016239 KB
Jack Teeple.pdf
Settlement Agreement and Final Order12/1/2016225 KB
Kaveh Zamanian.pdf
Settlement Agreement and Final Order12/1/2016218 KB
Ruth O'Brien.pdf
Settlement Agreement and Final Order12/1/2016208 KB
James Phifer.pdf
Settlement Agreement9/22/2016129 KB
Kathleen Spencer.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement9/22/2016181 KB
Rodney Young.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement12/1/2015383 KB
Donald B. Beere.pdf
Final Order10/15/201546 KB
James S. Walker.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement10/12/20154515 KB
Julie DuFresne.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement9/3/201543 KB
Alfred B. Adkins.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement8/21/2015292 KB
Paul F. Schmidt.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement8/3/20153880 KB
Louis Epstein.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement2/20/2015398 KB
David A. Reber.pdf
Final Order and Settlement Agreement5/7/2014400 KB
Wayne W.  Fuller.pdf
Final Order3/21/2014278 KB
Dennis W. Keyes.pdf
Cease and Desist2/28/201360 KB
Deborah Blair.pdf
Settlement Agreement7/23/2012358 KB
James M. Pasley.pdf
Settlement Agreement4/2/2012353 KB
Larissa D. Roark.pdf
Settlement Agreement11/10/2011409 KB
Johnny B. Brock.pdf
Settlement Agreement10/3/2011485 KB
Patrick Brown.pdf
Settlement Agreement9/12/2011485 KB
Stuart Palmer.pdf
Settlement Agreement8/23/2011389 KB
James Cooksey.pdf
Final Order3/7/20111049 KB
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