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Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology

Board of Examiners of Psychology
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 319.005 Practice of psychology and use of title by persons not licensed or certified prohibited -- Voluntary health practitioners.
KRS 319.010 Definitions.
KRS 319.015 Activities not included in practice of psychology.
KRS 319.020 Board of Examiners of Psychology.
KRS 319.030 Annual report of board -- Principal office -- Register.
KRS 319.032 Authority for administrative regulations.
KRS 319.050 Examination for license -- Fee -- Supervision and temporary licensure -- Designation as "health service provider."
KRS 319.053 "Licensed psychological practitioner."
KRS 319.056 "Certified psychologist with autonomous functioning" -- "Certified psychologist" -- Practice and title authorization.
KRS 319.064 Psychological associate.
KRS 319.071 Renewal of licenses and certification -- Fee -- Cancellation -- Restoration -- Inactive status.
KRS 319.082 Disciplinary actions against license and certificate holders.
KRS 319.092 Administrative hearing -- Sanctions -- Appeal.
KRS 319.118 Immunity of board members from liability -- Standing to institute and maintain legal actions -- Effect of surrender of license or certificate -- Representation of board by public officers.
KRS 319.131 Fees credited to fund for board use.